Collision was another project I danced in, at the Roundhouse Arts and Community Centre with Karen Jamieson Dance. Here is a trailer by Sammy Chien. (2011)


Dancing the Parenting

This is a recent video of me “Dancing the Parenting” with Foolish Operations Ensemble, run by Julie Lebel. I am in the beginning, in the front, wearing black and a turquoise headband.

My Name Is Nissa

This is a short dance film about my process of healing from sexual abuse by a man that was in the role of stepfather (David). I composed this video for the “My Name Is” project organized by (Wo)Men Speak Out. This is a video project for women and men to speak out about abuse www.mynameisproject.com. And the piece appeared in the show “She Comes Undone” in Chicago. The first song is written and sung by a friend of mine. I reported him to the police and testified.



Excerpt of Brandi Wilson and I in Sextet. I am the one with the long hair, hoop skirt and pretzels.

“Originally a dance theatre piece for 6, this excerpted version is a duet between two doll-like women: one with pretzels, one without. As their dramatic relationship develops, the piece traverses the edge of humor and violence.”

On The Boards / 12 Minutes Max / Seattle, USA / 2001
International Taz Messe NRW / Essen, Germany / 2000 (video showcase)
Mezze Bistro / Williamstown, MA / 1999
Bennington College / 1999

Created and Directed by: Sally E. Dean

Musical Director and Composer: Carly Heulsenbeck


Sextet from Sally Dean on Vimeo.

Stroller Dance

Foolish Operations Ensemble with Choreographer Julie Lebel. Originally a stroller flash mob, then modified for a stage performance (with a smaller number of us performing).

I am at first wearing a purple shirt and later wearing a green sweater and always wearing Navy blue pants with rainbow stripes.


Dream Butterfly

This is the ending excerpt from a longer piece about dream imagery and animals (I can’t remember the original title of the piece). In the piece I do a solo choreographed by Laura Gates-Carlson based on imagery from 2 of my dreams. Starts with imagery of a lion, and it ends with imagery of a butterfly, flight, and support (could also represent the Phoenix bird). Music and singing by Cybele.

Experiential Anatomy

This is a solo I choreographed and I also created the sound score. The dance was an exploration of some of what is possible through distortions of the human anatomy. It also was a result of my thinking about the inner and outer expressions of emotions manifested in my body.

A Celebration of Absurdity

For laughter.

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